Our Vision

  • Quality
  • Intuitivity
  • Creativity
  • Simplicity
  • Aestheticism
Our chocolate 3D printer is intuitive and autonomous. The chocolatier focuses on his creation and 3D printing allows him to leverage his creativity, with ease. We take care of the complexity.

Our 3D Printer

It is no longer necessary to demonstrate the growth that additive manufacturing has experienced in recent years. Plastic and metallic materials are the most common in the 3D printing market, but “food-tech” is also entering this sector. It is in this sector that Schoggi Print is positioned, with the development of a new 3D printer specifically adapted to chocolate.

The industrial product under development will primarily be aimed at professional chocolate makers, chocolatiers, confectioners, pastry chefs, craftsmen, etc. which wishes to diversify its range of products and services. The machine will be robust, autonomous, intuitive and developed in partnership with chocolate professionals in order to ensure high taste and visual quality for the creations.

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At the heart of 3D chocolate printing, viscous material extrusion plays an essential role. In a first phase of R&D, we invested in the design of a modular extrusion head (image # 1) in order to carry out our printing parameter experiments. An example of integration is also shown (image # 2) with our first POC (Proof Of Concept) machine which was released in September 2021. The latter allowed us to refine our knowledge of chocolate 3D printing and to prepare the release of our commercial machine (image # 3) for February 2022: Schoggi Printer SP1. The latter can be ordered from now !

At the same time, our team is working on the definition and development of our flagship product: our semi-industrial Schoggi Printer SP2 machine which will allow chocolate makers to integrate a robust and functional chocolate printing machine into their work environment.

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A new horizon

In February 2021, NOMASYS initiated the Schoggi Print project with the ambition to develop a new generation 3D printer. The focal point of its development concerns chocolate and generally, viscous food materials. With particular attention to the work of chocolate professionals, the machine is designed in harmony with the practices of the trade.

Made up of a team of independent experts, NOMASYS also reveals an innovative way of working in a network, in an era where innovation cannot stop at the same time as travel. The agility of our team and partners is at the height of its passion and expertise in all the sectors necessary for the success of our company.

The Team

Laurent D'Alvise


Félix Boisselier

Technical Expert

Clément Gindrat-Keller

Chocolate Expert

Sylvie Vervoort

Rheology Expert

Marc-André Cartier

Chocolatier in Geneva

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